Konkeptoine Plugins

  • 1871 - Antiqua


    Antiqua™ is a system designed to mimic aging through the use of a plugin

  • 1872 - BlobMaker - 64 bits

    BlobMaker - 64 bits

    BlobMaker™ is a ultra-fast "blob generator". As an alternative to the traditional Mr.Blobby plugin, BlobMaker offers a much faster engine and a new set of "blob tools" designed for EIAS usage, such as thr Reactive Color controls, the built-in Noise parameters or the extra texture features.

  • 1875 - DisAppear


    The DisAppear™ plugin is a tool designed to make objects appear/dissapear in different unique ways.

  • 1877 - Encage - 64 bits

    Encage - 64 bits

    The Encage™ plugin provides SDS (Subdivision Surfaces) features to EIAS Animator. It contains two different SDS algorithms; Catmull-Clark and Loop System to choose from, plus the Auto select feature to let decide the plugin which system is best for your model.

  • 1878 - Fire


    The Fire plugin is a 3d volumetric system to create fire effects in Electric Image Animation System.

  • 1879 - Kmyst


    KMyst-Shader™ is a shader designed to produce a wide range of volumetric effects. Its built-in volumetric engine is the perfect tool to model gases and similar effects.

  • 1880 - LightRig


    The LightRig plugin places lights over the surface of any object. With LightRig you can set up complex lightning scenes in just a few minutes instead hours.

  • 1881 - MForge - 64 bits

    MForge - 64 bits

    The ultimate metal shading system. It contains a complete noise lab to create unlimited looks.

  • 1882 - Mr. Revolver - 64 bits

    Mr. Revolver - 64 bits

    Mr.Revolver™ is a geometric plugin designed to lathe custom drawn paths, or imported child groups.

  • 1883 - Mrs. Bebel

    Mrs. Bebel

    MrsBebel™ plugin is a custom extruder-beveler that gives you total freedom of extrude and bevel creation based on polygons or surfaces. MrsBebel is fully animatable and includes options for textures, colors, and UV mapping.

  • 1884 - NPRShader


    Pattern Collections and Models for EIAS or Amorphium. Enhance your 3D or Flash projects. Come and take a look at our ever-growing collections.

  • 1885 - NX Shading System - 64 bits

    NX Shading System - 64 bits

    NX is capable of creating endless different looks. Each Noise has been carefully modified and designed to produce lots of different things: Terrains, Marbles, Tree Barks, Stones, Boulders, Granites, Waters, Fabrics, Skins, Jewels, Flesh, Planets and many, many more!

  • 2708 - Proxy - 64 bits

    Proxy - 64 bits

    Proxy is a plug-in that can be used to substitute low-res proxies for a hi-res source model at render time

  • 1886 - ReUnion - 64 bits

    ReUnion - 64 bits

    The new ReUnion pack includes 4 shaders with a usage aimed at different purposes. The 4 shaders included are Diffractor™, Microscope™, RefractionMap™ and Domus™.

  • 1887 - TailorTool


    TailorTool™ 2.0 is a shader for EIAS animator to perform boolean operations at render time.

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