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  • Nov, 09, 2012

    Electric Image Animation System (EIAS) & Free Dutch Skies 360

    HDRI panorama photography for film & video, VFX and more... from the Netherlands
  • Nov, 05, 2012

    EIAS v9 (Electric Image Animation System)

    EIAS3D has just released version 9 of the Electric Image Animation System (EIAS v9). This new version is available for immediate download.
  • Oct, 21, 2011

    EIAS 8 - OSX Lion 10.7.X patch

    Which solve a slowdown and some plug-ins UI which are not able to be opened..
  • Jul, 07, 2011

    All Animator V9 features are implemented

    We are starting the latest cycle of BUG hunting, documentation and optimizations.
  • Oct, 16, 2010

    Animator V9 will have a new 3D model import system

    It will allow you to move your files into EIAS more quickly and accurately than ever before.
  • Oct, 02, 2010

    EIAS version 9 Developer Kit

    The new SDK provides all tools and examples for both 32 and 64 bit plug-ins and shaders for the Mac and Windows platforms.
  • Sep, 16, 2010

    Konkeptoine Tools

    We are please to announce that EIAS3D is now developing, supporting and selling the following core group of tools formerly distributed by Konkeptoine.
  • Jul, 18, 2010

    EIAS Vimeo Channel

    We really would like to make the world pay more attention on us. It is why we just released our new EIAS3D Vimeo Channel and our new Electric Image Animation System - Video Tutorials Group.
  • Jul, 17, 2010

    EIAS 8 - New Splash Screens

    We posted new EIAS 8 Mac/Windows installers that now have our EIAS3D splash screens for Animator and Camera.
  • Jul, 16, 2010

    Development Update - 64 Bits

    The 64-bits render pipeline is already in beta-testing (Mac) and we are working with 64-bits support for Windows.
  • Jul, 16, 2010

    EIAS Officially Transfers to EIAS3D

    As of July 15th, 2010 EI Technology Group will no longer be reselling the EIAS system. If you are interested in learning more please visit
  • Apr, 08, 2010

    Development update

    We thought we'd give you an update on just one of the things we're working on behind the scenes
  • Feb, 05, 2010

    Bug Track System

    Please send us bug reports using this page
  • Jan, 27, 2010

    EIAS Gallery

    Publish your work in the EIAS Gallery
  • Jan, 21, 2010

    EIAS Userpack

    As you may know, we dedicated a portion of our development time to features voted for democratically by our users. This section of the development schedule is known as the 'User-pack
  • Jan, 14, 2010

    EIAS3D team

    Learn about the team behind EIAS3D
  • Jan, 13, 2010


    Tomas and the Igors are the owners of the Electric Image intellectual property and the whole of the Electric Image codebase
  • Jan, 13, 2010

    EIAS on the IMAX Feature "Magnificent Desolation"

    The tracked points from SynthEyes were used in Maya as a basis for photogrammetry, allowing computer-generated extensions to seamlessly blend with the sets. Animation was converted to Electric Image Animation System for final rendering.
  • Jan, 12, 2010

    EI Technology Group Announces Sale of EIAS Intellectual Property

    San Antonio based EI Technology Group (EITG) has sold the intellectual property rights of Electric Image Animation System
  • May, 06, 2009

    Electric Image Animation System v8 Final Features List

    A complete list of EIAS v8 Features.
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